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Here at AUTO EMPORIUM we are all about making your automotive needs as easy as possible.

If you have been trying to sell your vehicle, trade it in or simply don’t have the time to do either then we have the solution for you.

Fast efficient cash in your pocket today service to sell your vehicle without the hassle of obtaining a Roadworthy, paying to advertise and wait for enquiries or having to deal with tyre kickers.
Please contact us directly or fill out the form below with a couple of pictures & we will appraise your vehicle with a buy price today.

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✳ This Is a wholesale Buying service, we do not pay retail money or redbook, carsales valuations. We have 15 years experience & value in todays market.
✳ We pay cash or bank transfer on the spot
✳ We do not require registration or a current RWC however both are encouraged.

✅ fast cash today
✅ convenient no hassle service
✅ no advertising, no rwc, no rego needed
✅ no hassles just drop in and leave with 1f4b5
✅ We can pay out your finance