About Auto Emporium

About The Owner

Hi I’m Robin the owner operator and founder of Auto Emporium.
In 2010 I decided it was time to launch an automotive business to cater to fellow enthusiasts like myself, People who lived & breathed cars the way I did.
In 2011 the dream became a reality and Auto Emporium was born, Not just a motor dealer run business where paychecks promises made our weeks go by.
But an automotive studio hand selecting only the finest pre owned performance & prestige vehicles we could get our hands on.
We customize all of our cars, from subtle to full show car standard…the choice is yours.

We also offer all of our customization options to the public, check out our services page and see what we can do for you & your pride n’ joy.

– Robin

Auto Emporium Owner

What We Do

Unlike other business’s we are car enthusiasts ourselves. We pride our work on quality not quantity and will not settle for less. No other Sunshine Coast business covers the range of services we do to the best hand selected pre-owned vehicles.

We specialise in repair and modifying vehicles of all types before they get put on the market. Auto Emporium are well renowned for a record time in car sales. Most vehicles that come off the workshop floor only last a few hours before they get sold. Every vehicle that gets a full makeover before it goes on the yard to join the range of best used cars in Caloundra.