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Auto Emporium: Providing Superior Mobile Car Detailing Services at Your Convenience

Sunshine Coast's Premier Mobile Car Detailing Service

Welcome to Auto Emporium, your trusted partner in mobile car detailing service on Sunshine Coast, QLD. We understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s pristine condition and how time-consuming this can be. That’s why we bring our top-notch car detailing services to your doorstep. Whether at home, at work, or any other convenient location on Sunshine Coast, Auto Emporium promises a superior level of service that will make your car shine like new.


Mobile car detailing is a professional service that focuses on restoring and maintaining your vehicle’s interior and exterior appearance. At Auto Emporium in Sunshine Coast, we’ve taken this service a step further by making it mobile. Our team of professionals travels to your location across Sunshine Coast, equipped with all the necessary tools and products to deliver a showroom-quality finish for your car.



At Auto Emporium in Sunshine Coast, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier mobile car detailing services that go beyond the ordinary. Our exterior car detail service is not just a quick rinse and dry; it’s a full exterior car detail experience meticulously designed to breathe new life into your vehicle. Our process for exterior mobile car detailing are as follows:

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View of car cleaner vacuuming drivers seat in car


Auto Emporium believes a pristine car interior is just as important as the exterior. That’s why our interior detail car services across Sunshine Coast are designed to provide more than a superficial clean. We’re talking about a full interior detail that leaves your car feeling brand new.


We recognise that your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation – it’s an extension of your personality and a significant investment. That’s why at Auto Emporium, we have developed our superior paint protection service to shield your car’s paintwork from the harsh elements and everyday wear and tear.

  • Our mobile car detailing team, based in Sunshine Coast, is renowned for meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality service.
  • We utilise only premium-grade products when providing paint protection services.
  • We carefully apply a solid protective layer on your car’s surface to preserve its aesthetic appeal.
  • Protective layer enhances your vehicle’s resistance against potential damage.

Our new mobile car detailing service is a must-have for those who have recently acquired a new vehicle in Sunshine Coast. This specialised service provides an added defence against environmental factors that could compromise your car’s vibrant colour and glossy finish. It’s akin to a suit of armour for your car, preserving its immaculate condition and ensuring it makes an impression wherever you go.

Close up to PPF installation process on a front (rear) headlight



When it comes to mobile car detailing, you want nothing but the best, and that’s precisely what Auto Emporium delivers. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who are trained in the art of car detailing and dedicated to providing a service that surpasses expectations.

Our expertise is not just limited to our people; it extends to the top-quality products we use and the innovative techniques we have mastered. We ensure each vehicle we work on benefits from the latest advancements in mobile car detailing. From high-grade paint protection to state-of-the-art ceramic coatings, we utilise a range of superior products that provide exceptional results.

We understand that expertise means more than just technical know-how. It’s about understanding each customer’s unique needs and their vehicle and tailor-making solutions that meet these needs perfectly. It’s about offering advice and guidance to help our customers make informed decisions about their car care.

Man cleaning car , car detailing (or valeting) concept
Candid portrait of a mechanic shaking hands with client


Top-tier car care should be within everyone’s reach. That’s why we’ve committed to offering competitive pricing that enables every car owner to experience the premium touch of professional car detailing.

Our affordable rates, however, do not mean a compromise on quality. We firmly stand by delivering exceptional services that meet and often exceed our customers’ expectations. Each service we provide, from paint protection to mobile car detailing, is executed meticulously by our team of trained professionals.

We aim to provide unparalleled value for money. Every dollar you invest in our services is an investment in preserving your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and enhancing its lifespan. We offer a variety of packages tailored to meet different needs and budgets, ensuring that professional car detailing is accessible to all.

In essence, choosing Auto Emporium’s mobile car detailing means opting for high-quality services at prices that respect your budget. 

Auto Emporium: Your Go-To Solution for Convenient and High-Quality Mobile Car Detailing Services

Auto Emporium is not just a name. It promises unparalleled car care that brings together convenience, proficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We proudly offer mobile car detailing services that are designed around your needs.

Our trained professionals are committed to restoring your vehicle to its pristine glory at your location. Imagine the brilliance of your car being restored while you continue your everyday routine without any hindrance. This is the level of convenience we deliver.

We don’t compromise on quality in the pursuit of affordability. We aim to make top-notch car detailing accessible while ensuring value for every dollar you spend. We use only the best products and cutting-edge techniques to give your car the treatment it deserves.

Trust us to maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle, wherever you are, whatever your schedule. Reach out to Auto Emporium today and elevate your car care experience to a new level. Book a mobile car detailing service today and see how we can help keep your car looking its best.


What types of services are included in Auto Emporium's Mobile Car Detailing?

Our mobile car detailing service includes a comprehensive range of solutions such as car detailing, ceramic coating, headlight restoration, and paint corrections.

How much experience does Auto Emporium have in providing mobile car detailing services?

Auto Emporium boasts over a decade of experience in vehicle customisation and detailing. We have a trusted reputation on the Sunshine Coast for our quality work and customer service.

Are the mobile car detailing services of Auto Emporium available throughout the week?

Yes, our mobile car detailing services are available from Monday to Saturday. We operate between 7AM – 4PM from Monday to Friday and from 9AM – 2PM on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays. Please contact us at or call us at 0409 762 945 to schedule an appointment.

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Good quality , fast service. Thank you Andy and Robin
Car looks amazing. Thanks guys.
Recently had paint work done. The team at Auto Emporium were great to deal with, good work and good service.
Wow my car is like new I’m so pleased with the amazing job on my wheel rims (being fixed) and the detailing of my car. Can certainly recommend this business
Awesome network of people who puts heart and soul into what they sell. I recommend to all who's after style and cruise 🤙🏽Thanks again for the new ride Robin & Nakita.
Before and after, these guys did an excellent job repairing and repainting my Enkei rpf1sThey went the extra mile and made the stickers up for me as well! Will definitely be back with more 👌🏼
Just go 300 back. Chrome delete and ceramic coat. Looks awesome thanks stoked with how it came up.
highly recommended, got a rocker cover painted up and absolutely love it, am waiting to have more work done by the gang and can't wait to get installed on my car
The team at Auto Emporium go to great lengths too continuously deliver more then the customer expects. Excellent job team. I will certainly return to Auto Emporium again in the future.
Had their ceramic coating applied to a 3 year old Toyota Land Cruiser , Excellent product and service from Robin and his team. Car looks excellent and I look forward to years of easier cleaning maintenance.
Excellent job. Helpful advice on work undertaken. Easy to support a local business thus good. Thanks Robin and team.
Robin and the team did an excellent job tidying up the paint and detailing my car for sale - great to deal with and very helpful.
Quality work from the team, very easy to deal with & Robin is very responsive to any queries & was great to deal with...highly recommend the team at Auto Emporium
Robin did an amazing job on my Ranger Wildtrack. Literally came up looking like brand new. Very professional and easy to deal with, no surprises. Just a great job. Highly recommended!Cheers,Tim.
What a difference a day makes when you leave it in the hands of Robin and his team. Our new Kia looks even better than it was delivered to us. A first class ceramic coating & tinting that will keep the UV at bay. A pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended.
If you want to make your car your own, go and see Robin and the boys at Auto Emporium. It's a one stop shop, outstanding work, thanks
Fantastic service from Robin and the team! Very thorough and efficient. Scratch repair looks great
A combination of great tradesmen who know how to mix difficult paint mixes and apply the paint & blend it in so you can’t see where the repair was made. I hope I don’t have to use them again because of my careless driving but if I bugger up that is where I will go.
Grat to deal with, friendly, great workmanship. Great service and efficient. Highly recommended
Just had full body wrap removed and full detail to sell done. 100% happy with service, finished job and price. Robin and his team have made the vehicle look better then when I picked it up new!
Robin and the team at Auto Emporium did an amazing job in repairing and re spraying damaged wheels on my Tesla. Great service and communication - will be my go to now on the coast for my cars. Highly recommend
Robin &crew did a fab job on a repair/ paint match on our car . Quick turnaround in very wet weather . Very professional & highly recommend.
Robin and his team did an awesome job painting and refurbing my 75 series. Easy to work with and their work is next level. Anyone looking for something a bit different that stands out and quality custom work, reach out to the team.
Awesome dealing with Robin. I wanted a White, black and bronze theme on my Y62. He and the boys did an absolutely fantastic job, I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Wood grain and chrome delete, headlight and taillight tint, window tint, bronze highlights, ceramic paint coating, interior protection and painted brake callipers. Mad if you go anywhere else! Thanks Robin and the boys at Auto Emporium, super happy 👍
Robin & his team did an awesome job on my car. Within the first week of owning it, I took it to Robin as I trusted him & his team’s ability to completely transform my car. Removed emblems, blacked out others and recommended a pop of red for one & I could not be happier. Highly recommend Auto Emporium.
Great work by the team at Auto Emporium. Would definitely recommend them, quality finished product, expert advice and a friendly team that are honest and reliable. Impressed with the outcome and the defender looks even better now.
Highly recommend Robin and his staff.Customer service was exceptional,they went above and beyond to make my car look younger than its 14 years..Also did a few jobs they didn't charge me for..I will certainly be back when I need to...
Robin and his team are fantastic to deal with and did an exceptional job!
Highly recommend the team at Auto Emporium. We received our quote as soon as we enquired and were booked in at their earliest availability. Had all the chrome in our Sahara painted black, looks like it came like that from factory, top quality finish. We will definitely be back for our other vehicles
Thanks Robin and crew!!!Excellent work, good communication, recommended highlyCheers
Robin and his team were amazing to deal with! Not only did they do a premium job at a great price, their customer service was A+ from start to finish. So happy with my new wheels. Highly recommend!
This is my classic 1990 Jaguar V 12 5.3 litre 2 door coupe after paint rectification and detailing. I found Auto Emporium to be very informative about what is required for the car, communication was excellent a fair price, done on time and to budget. Give Robin a ring for your particular needs for your classics or your street car. I am sure he will help you out.I certainly will be booking in my cars in for detailing before car showsStuart Lomax
Great service and repairs. I had a dent in the cab of my 2021 f250. 2 other local panel shops didn’t want to repair it as the f250 is all aluminium and was all to hard.I called in on Wednesday and was told no worries and they repaired it the next week.Great service Great Repair the next week Great people Thank you.
The customer service from Robin and his team has been fantastic. These guys have an incredible eye for detail, I had my Range Rover overhauled and I couldn’t be happier with the result.
Best panel beater on the coast by far. Robin went the extra mile to get my car that was heavily damaged all fixed up and very fair pricing. Would recommend 100x over! Thanks Robin and the team!!
Highly recommended the team at Auto Emporium. Had my C63 wheels repaired and resprayed to factory with the addition of yellow brake callipers.As can be seen, the team lead by Robin did an awesome job and the wheels now look like they've just come new out of the factory.The team there is very professional and pride themselves on their work. Robin was great to deal with and their prices are very competitive.
Great service by a great team. Highly recommended if you’re in need of quality and easy service.
Robin has done a great job with my Patrol, exactly how I wanted it. Always great to have competent professionals locally at the coast.
Told 4 weeks & $10k for a complete outside paint job. Quoted $600 for brake calliper painting. 11 weeks later charged me $800 for brake calliper painting because price as gone up. Had the car been completed when they said it would be ready, would the price had gone up. Fuel tank was bone dry. Running on vapours. But I dropped it off with 3/4 tank. Mind you every complaint I made to them they told me they were professional. Like Why 4wks took 11wks. Why the car hadn't been touched within the first 4 wks.Had some dramas in the shop. Yep constantly told by them they were professional. Well, I finally go to pick my baby up. I gave them an extra day seeing as their track record was it was never ready when it was supposed to be. Low & behold they've just started washing it and gotta put the plates back on. Other than that it's now ready for me to take home. Ha, after stopping to get fuel, which he claims is only $20 not the $120 it cost me, I notice noises coming from the front of the car. Get home all the under panels are coming off. Plugs missing, not put in properly. 1 tailight, 1 brakelight opposite side to tailight, 1 reverse light, 1 headlight, 1 parking light front opposite to headlight all not working. But they're professional remember. Next day I take the car down to get new tyres put on, I get called out by the tyre fitter to show me the side skirts weren't on properly & could fall off at any time. How I got home with them still hanging there is a mystery. When I phoned the professional to complain, he did say to bring it back & he would fix any problem. But my problem is these professionals had the car for 11 wks and they didn't put it back together properly. Broke parts and said it was the cars age. But they're professionals. Also broke my car door lock and said they'd replace it with a lock & key from the wreckers. 1 key to unlock & 1 to start it. But they did say i had keyless entry. Such professionals. So would you let them touch your car. There's more they did wrong , but I won't go into that. I think you get the idea how professional they are. Especially when it's your pride and joy. I've been left gutted.
I'm stoked with the results of my Chrome delete, tint and other modifications done by Auto Emporium!Quality work at a great price, thanks guys.
Highly reccomend auto emporium, yes you may pay more but its for quality. Robin was easy to deal with made suggestions to help you choose on what he thinks would look good if you havent already made your mind up on what look you want. My y62 now looks like it should coming out of the factory!
Robin and the team went above and beyond in working to improve the look of my vehicle. I was extremely happy with the effort they put in. Talking to Robin his passion for cars was evident which reflected in his business as a whole. I highly recommend Auto Emporium to anyone who wants to improve the look of their vehicle.
Robin and the boys did a fantastic job on the paint protection and badge removal! Highly recommend
Car looks immaculate after taking it to these guys. Very friendly staff and very knowledgeable. Went above and beyond. Highly recommend 😊
Impeccable service and delivery.I got to speak with the owner of the business. He took the time to explain options and outcomes.The final delivery was flawless.The price was more than I expected to pay when I walked in.But after a thoroughly professional consultation, I left my items happy in the knowledge that I would receive great value for money.And I did.Pick up was beyond my expectations.Auto Emp is now my ‘go to’ for all future projects.If you don’t go there, I’m certain you will miss out on some small part of your dreams for your toys.
Very happy with my experience with the team from Auto Emporium. They did exactly what I wanted and explained their process in detail so I knew what I was getting done. Will be back
Robin and his crew did a chrome delete and Ceramic coating on my Patrol and they absolutely knocked it it out of the park. I couldn’t be happier with the result and highly recommend them.
Awesome work. Had my wifes brake callipers sprayed yellow, turned out perfectly! The guys did a great job. Thanks Robin!

About Sunshine Coast, QLD

The eastern coast of Queensland, Australia, boasts a breathtaking region known as Sunshine Coast. This charming destination is renowned for its beautiful beaches, scenic hinterland, and lively neighborhoods, making it the perfect fusion of natural splendor and contemporary conveniences.

Sunshine Coast manages to strike a harmonious balance between the relaxed coastal lifestyle and the convenience of urban living, with a population of around 350,000. This region comprises several towns and cities, including Noosa, Maroochydore, Caloundra, and Mooloolaba, each with distinctive charm and attractions to offer.

Sunshine Coast is well-known for its beautiful beaches that stretch for miles, attracting visitors from all over the world who enjoy surfing, soaking up the sun, and water activities. The coastal towns are lively, with charming cafes, restaurants, and boutique stores that provide a delightful dining and shopping experience.

Beyond the coastline, the Sunshine Coast’s hinterland is a verdant paradise, featuring lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and picturesque mountain ranges. The Glass House Mountains are a prominent landmark, providing breathtaking views and excellent hiking opportunities.

There’s so much more to the Sunshine Coast than just its natural beauty! The area also has a vibrant arts and cultural scene, with plenty of galleries, theaters, and music festivals to explore. Moreover, the community here is incredibly welcoming and tight-knit, making you feel right at home when you arrive.

Sunshine Coast is a perfect destination for those looking for a coastal lifestyle combining relaxation and enrichment. Its ideal weather, breathtaking scenery, and lively communities make it a top choice for residents and visitors.

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Auto Emporium is just Around the Corner

To get from the Sunshine Coast to Auto Emporium, follow these driving directions:

1. Start on the Bruce Highway (M1) from your current location.
2. Head south on the Bruce Highway (M1) and continue for approximately 6.3 kilometres.
3. Take the exit toward Caloundra (Steve Irwin Way/State Route 70) and merge onto Caloundra Road (State Route 6).
4. Continue on Caloundra Road for approximately 9.7 kilometres.
5. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Caloundra Road (State Route 6), heading east.
6. Continue on Caloundra Road for about 4 kilometres, passing through several roundabouts.
7. At the roundabout, take the third exit onto Caloundra Road (State Route 6), heading south.
8. Continue on Caloundra Road for approximately 1.5 kilometres.
9. Take the second exit onto Daniel Street at the next roundabout.
10. Drive straight on Daniel Street for about 800 meters, and you will reach Shed 1/21 Daniel St, Caloundra West QLD 4551, Australia, on your left.

Please note that road conditions and traffic can affect the estimated travel time. It’s always a good idea to check for updates or use a GPS navigation system for real-time directions.

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