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Does your car need a new lease on life? We do anything from mini details to full pre sale detail packages. From a small wash and Vac right through to a full detail including photographs.

We take all the hassle out of selling your vehicle online. Our experienced team specialise in services such as paint corrections, paint protection, steam cleaning and bacteria removal.

Our friendly team can provide a quote today, simply call our number or book at our Sunshine Coast car detailing headquarters.


Many of our customers say we are the best car detailing service on the Sunshine Coast. From Nambour to Maroochydore and all the way to Noosa & Brisbane we have had fantastic reviews from clients who have booked in at our Sunshine Coast car detailing services centre.

Our detailers have over 10 years experience in luxury car detailing amongst a range of vehicles, high attention to detail along with professional service to have your car looking and feeling like brand new again.

Not only does our friendly team offer A grade cleaning services to the public, we also service many dealership vehicles on a regular basis detailing corporate fleets & trade vehicles.

Auto Emporium is well known for their high quality of work providing amazing results at a competitive price. When it comes to car detailing business on the Sunshine Coast we are far and foremost above average.

Providing more than 8 different types of automotive services we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, reliability & a fast turn around time. Our valued customers find it convenient that they can have all of their vehicle needs completed at the same time and place.

From tail light tinting & window tinting, paint correction, bumper repairs, wheel repairs and more! All our services are completed at our workshop in Caloundra West with state of the art technology and quality service.

All detailing packages are equip with carpet shampooing, headlight restorations, leather treatment & ceramic coatings. We take pride in our local car cleaning service & guarantee our customers will be happy & book in again.

For each customer that can provide a quality star rating on our Google my Business page gets a long lasting Auto Emporium air freshener.


After trialing various products on the market, Auto Emporium only use industry leading brands. We endeavour to ensure your ride looks its best before it leaves the yard. We stock the 3m premium car care range to maintain your vehicle once it leaves our shop.

This range of products is exclusive to Auto Emporium and is not sold in any retail store. The 3m range is one of the best car detailing products on the market today & can be found in our Sunshine Coast car shop.

Everything from tyre care, wash, wax, polish and interior products, protection and accessory products are also a popular part of the range available in our Sunshine Coast car detailing services retail range.


Our Sunshine Coast detailing packages are flexible to suit every customers needs and requirements. From mini details such as a wash, vac to a full detail which will have the car looking like new again.

Whether you want to bring it back to life for your own comfort or give it a complete makeover for its new owner we can do it all. This includes paint protection & cut polish to have your car look amazing with a brand new shine like it’s just come off the showroom floor.

Our detailing packages can be altered with our customers having the option to create a package that suits their needs. Just ask one of our professional detailing experts.

We have listed information on our car details for our valued customers

Our Mini car Detail is a good option for anyone who needs a quick clean inside and out to have their vehicle feeling comfortable and looking neat and tidy.

The Mini Car Detail includes

  • High pressure wash & microfibre chamois dry
  • Clean wheels, mudguards & arches, dress tyres
  • Interior rubbish removed
  • Complete vacuum cabin, cargo hold & compartments
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean dash, trims, consoles & vents
  • Deodorise interior
  • Clean all doors jambs
  • Spot clean floor mats and upholstery
  • Clean sunroof and vanity mirrors
Mini car detail pricing starts at $250

Our Full Car Detail is ideal if your car needs an over all general clean.

The Full Car Detail includes:

  • High pressure wash & microfibre chamois dry
  • Clean wheels, mudguards & arches, dress tyres
  • Interior rubbish removed
  • Complete air blow & vacuum cabin, cargo hold & compartments
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean dash, trims, consoles & vents
  • Deodorise interior
  • Clean all doors jambs
  • Spot clean floor mats and upholstery
  • Clean sunroof and vanity mirrors


  • Full engine bay degrease 
  • Wash and rejuvenation of trims
  • Fuel door cavity clean
  • All plastics rejuvenated
  • Cut and polish of all minor scratches and paint work
  • Steam clean and bacteria sanitisation
  • Ozone purification

Full car detail pricing starts at $450

Our Pre-Sale Car Detail is ideal if you are wanting to sell your car and it’s in need of a makeover for its new owner or help you get top dollar on your sale.

The Pre-Sale Detail includes:

  • High pressure wash & microfibre chamois dry
  • Clean wheels, mudguards & arches, dress tyres
  • Rubbish removed
  • Complete vacuum cabin, cargo hold & compartments
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean dash, trims, centre consoles & vents
  • Deodorise
  • Clean all doors jambs
  • Spot clean floor mats and upholstery
  • Clean sunroof and vanity mirrors


  • Complete carpet & seat shampoo
  • Leather seats cleaned & conditioned
  • Paint surface decontamination (clay-bar)
  • Standard Carnauba wax sealant
  • Brush touching of any stone chips
  • Professional photos taken of your vehicle ready to upload

Pre-sale car detail prices start from $650


Our services can vary from a simple cut and polish to full 3 stage paint correction. The ultimate paint refinish gives a mirror gloss and showroom finish. We can colour and wet sand the surface flat then polish to a mirror finish. Prices vary per vehicle and time required to perform the highest quality finish, please contact us for an accurate quote.


Most experts advise to have your car detailed every 4-6 months. This will keep it looking and feeling like a brand new car whilst providing interior protection from the sun, wear & tear and other environmental factors.

As well as hatchbacks, family cars SUV’s & off road trucks, we specialise in detailing prestige vehicles to have them looking like they have just came off the showroom floor. From a basic detail package to the ultimate detail, each and every customer is insured they will receive value for money with the service of our trained & experienced detailing technicians leaving your vehicle looking radiant.

Each car detailing service is different at our Sunshine Coast car detailing centre. Depending on the size and state of the car the time may vary. In order for us to provide an accurate quote it is best to bring the car in.

A smaller car will obviously not take as long as a truck or SUV, size is a major factor when it comes to accounting for the time frame to detail a car to our high standards.

Professional products which cannot be purchased over the counter of a retail shop, we use high end industrial equipment to make the job easier so it does not take as long as it may take someone at home or a mobile car detailer attempting to carry out a mobile service who does not have access to the wide range of equipment, we have acquired the best tools, equipment & technicians we could find.

Know your vehicle is in the best hands at Auto Emporium as our technicians are all car enthusiasts we live & breath the automotive culture here on the Sunshine Coast.

Today many people are opting for ceramic protectants rather than a standard wax. This is because they provide a more reliable cover with stronger durability. Being resistant to the harsh sun & heat, environmental & rancid contaminants means this coating penetrates deeper than the surface.

9H hardness ceramic coatings are the choice of auto enthusiasts all over the world, not just on the Sunshine Coast.

Wax is applied to the car and sits over the paints surface however does not create a chemical bond like the ceramic coatings do.

Now we come to the sealant. This would be on parr with the second level of protection. Generally sealant is more expensive than wax but at the same time will provide at least 6 months to 1 years worth of protection on your car.

A polymer sealant bonds to the paintwork better and also has higher heat resistance.

The protective paint products used and offered at the our Sunshine Coast car detailing shop is like a liquid polymer sealant that chemically bonds to the vehicles factory paint, forming a layer of protection on the car.

This is called ceramic coatings and using this product at our car detailing shop makes it much easier to wash and clean the the paint as it creates a super hydrophobic surface that repels water, dust & dirt. This type of protection can last anywhere from a couple of years to a lifetime depending on the protection used and also how often the car is used.

It is important to remember that we offer scratch and paint repairs to improve the appearance or your paintwork, however we do not offer cut rust and weld patch panels. We do offer surface rust preparation prior to paint repairs.

We are happy to recommend another top local business that will take care of you if you cannot provide the full service required.

Exterior detailing includes cleaning and restoring or exceeding the vehicles original condition of the surface. This is usually paint with a shiny finish, chrome trim, windows, wheels and tyres as well as other visible segments on a vehicle’s exterior.

Each and every detail that is completed by the Auto Emporium team is thorough yet affordable. Surfaces and materials of the vehicle are restored back to prime condition while the paint protection will protect the surface from harmful rays and other environmental factors such as bird poo and insects.

Exterior detailing consists of decontamination which is usually done with a soap like solution and clay bar followed by paint correction and then either a wax, sealant, or ceramic coating is applied for protection.

It is important to take car of your vehicles interior as well as the exterior. Cleaning the surfaces only removes the dirt & grime from visible areas.

It’s no secret that the harsh QLD sun creates damage and drys out parts of your car when left out in the harmful uv rays not to mention fading the paint work.

This detail includes vacuuming the floor mats, carpets and dash surfaces to cleaning & polishing the vinyl, removing the seats, carpet shampooing followed by leather conditioning.

Interior Surfaces Cleaned

The interior of a car easily collects dust & dirt which builds up to grime. A professional interior detail is guaranteed to remove dirt, dust, grime and also stains that you can’t usually get out with general cleaning products as well as reaching to those hard to reach places like the cracks and crevices you cannot get to on your own while improving the appearance and condition of the upholstery.

This service includes all surfaces including the dashboard, console, door interiors and under the seats which are removed for maximum benefit.

Leather Seats & Surfaces Restored

Leather is different to standard upholstery & requires appropriate treatment & conditioning. Standard products can be damaging and may end up doing more harm which is why it’s important to only use reputable quality interior protection products.

Each and every surface will be professionally cleaned and conditioned which will assist in returning the leathers condition to its natural state while protecting it from future damage such as spills and stains. 

Carpet Cleaning

upon removal of the seats, all of the carpets will be properly shampooed, dried and deodorised. The team at Auto Emporium have been trained to get every single bit of dirt and dust out from where the seats sit and ensure to remove any stains bringing back that new car feeling.

A car wash is generally some soap and water that is used to get the primary dirt off the outside of the vehicle and maybe a vacuum over the inside.

A vehicle that has been detailed on a standard level can generally take anywhere from 3 hours up to half a couple of days in a professional wash bay. This type of package includes full exterior wash, claying, polishing and waxing to remove scratches.

The interior cleaning includes washing, shampoo, removal of dog hair and other hard to move nasties which are easier to get to once the seat removal is completed along with windows cleaned, steaming, dash & upholstery (restoration for leather) and fabric protection.

A professional detailing service from a reputable car cleaning company like ourselves does not skimp on the minor details. Our car detailing Sunshine Coast cleaning service goes above and beyond for each and every job, ensuring every spec of dirt and dust is removed in order to have your car look brand new again.

Our Caloundra car detailing services provide other services upon request, such as steam-cleaning engine bay area, paint touchup (protection paint) and full paint correction services.


There is many Sunshine Coast car detailing & mobile service operations that offer detailers who come to the clients local home or office and provide cheaper car detailing packages.

Although most of these car detailing businesses do a fantastic job, they can tend to lack some of the most important equipment required to complete a high end finish as they simply cannot carry all the equipment around that our shop is already equiped with.

Our car detailing business and car wash sector has been growing for over 10 years and today we have the complete range of the best products and equipment on the market.

If you want guaranteed results with a prompt turn around time we highly recommend to get in touch with our Caloundra detailers to discuss your car detailing options. No job is too big or too small, call our amazing car detailing team for an obligation free quote.

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