Paint Corrections

Auto Emporium is one of the Sunshine Coast leading paint correction specialists.We pride ourselves in bringing your dull faded or oxidised paint back to life.

Our team has the experience & knowledge utilising only the latest technology polishers, polishes and sealants to restore that showroom lustre that will last in the harsh Queensland sun.

What is a Paint Correction?

At auto emporium we offer a wide variety of services from a general cut & polish to full paint corrections.
these are two seperate services entirely.

The difference between a cut & polish to a full paint correction is the entire process. A cut and polish will include our staff cutting your paint back with a machine polisher using quality polish to restore the shine of your paintwork, where as a paint correction is far more in depth and will involve carefully colour sanding to paint back with blocks achieving a smooth and fresh paint service to then restore in a 3 stage correction and finished off with a high quality sealant achieving a mirror like showroom shine.

A paint correction can often achieve results resembling a fresh respray. At Auto Emporium we have partnered with 3M using their industry leading and one of the most trusted brands on the planet, finest abrasives pads, polishes and refinishing applicators. This gives our customers the highest quality finish, protection, longevity and durability from harmful UV rays.

A full paint correction isn’t for every car, careful preparation is made on all vehicles from classic cars, to brand new high end luxury or simply cars you cannot put a price on.

We start with measuring the paint depth all round your vehicle carefully noting all varied thickness throughout the bodywork to ensure we don’t remove to much material when we commence the wet sanding process.

This is where the skills of our technicians truly shine, as we are a dedicated bodyshop not only a detailing shop our tradesman understand your paint better than anyone. we not only correct paint we apply it too, offering a new dimension of knowledge simply unmatched by dedicated detail only shops. Once the damaged paintwork is removed & perfectly flat, we commence the cutting process. This does not mean harsh compounds or pads need to be used, we gauge each job as required since no two cars are alike. Japanese vehicles require a slower more delicate cut opposed to European vehicles which have a harder ceramic lear coat finish.

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